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Welcome to ICISO 2013

IFIP WG8.1 Working Conference

The 14th International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations, ICISO 2013, previously named International Conference on Organisational Semiotics (ICOS), is the fourteenth in a series of international events devoted to the latest research in informatics and applications of Organisational Semiotics in organisations. The main theme on this occasion is: Web of Things, People and Information Systems.

ICISO 2013 aims to provide a focal forum for participants from various domains of information management and information systems, internet of things/ web of things, computational science, semiotics, humanities, and business and engineering, and to bring together researchers, practitioners, or business and industrial professionals and academics. The conference enables the sharing and exchange of the latest work.

The conference continues the effort of the international research community in the development of the emergent discipline of informatics and its applications, with particular emphasis on the relevance of informatics and semiotics in the new realms of interrelationship between informational and physical spaces.

Below are some examples of publications from previous events:

Pervasive Informatics in the Digital Economy, Proc. of the 12th Conf. on Organisational Semiotics in Organisations, Science and Technology Publications, R. Jorna, K. Liu, G. Jiang, K. Nakata, L. Sun(2010)(eds) ISBN:978-989-8425-26-3.

Information Systems in the Changing Era: Theory and Practice, Proc. of the 11th Conf. on Organisational Semiotics, Aussino Academic Publishing House, X. Feng, K. Liu, G. Jiang (2009) (eds) ISBN:978-0-9806057-2-3.

Complexity in Organisational and Technological Systems, Proc. of the 10th International Conf. on Organisational Semiotics, Sheffield,UK, K. Liu, J. Connolly, S. O’Neill (2007) (eds.) ISBN:187412152/978187412156.

Please see the Past Publications page for further details.